Saturday, 5 January 2013

Packard Bell easynote te 4gb Review (my new laptop)

Seeing as this blog has come about due to a new laptop i might as well review it.
in summary its everything i need and more. windows 8 is a nice addition as ive previously used vista or windows 7 but windows 8 makes you feel like you are combining your laptop with a smartphone which really keeps you connected to great apps and features. one of my favorite things ive come across so far (and im discovering new stuff everyday) is xbox live radio and i love it, its something that takes you back to all the old music you used to listen to and makes it easily accessible without having to trawl you tube. the laptop itself is pretty light its quite big but that makes it great for watching films or viewing pictures on, it has a hd screen and you can really tell - everything is clear and crisp. The keyboard is light and easy to use so you don't have to bash the board to write a word. another great feature is that its totally customizable through windows 8 you can change colors of most things which personally i think is necessary. Ive downloaded a few programs such as itunes, adobe etc and i think the prompts on screen make it so simple to understand so even if your a new comer to the internet or just to using laptops its really straight forward and a great first time buy. when doing anything like browsing watching videos or just downloading music every process is quick so no boring waiting around getting angry and clicking close a 100 times it just does it! i couldnt be more happier with this purchase and got it for a bargain to in the January sale but would happily pay a bit more for it after ive seen how good it is. 

my main points worth mentioning:

amazing screen 
sound quality is great 
the laptop itself looks attractive and modern
easy to use
great apps and features
feels like its built well
all in all a great purchase and i would recommend to anyone :)

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